Hyperlink Digital Lab

OPEN CALL for Video works

DEADLINE 20th January 2022

No fee Project Title Transition

Curator – Rajib Bhattacharjee and in-house curators

Hyperlink Digital Lab is a virtual platform for Studio Next’s proposed in-house curatorial project to be hosted on our virtual platform and will be shown at our Gallery. This will be subsequently proposed for the collaborative international project.

submission: studionextkolkata@studionextkolkata

queries: rjb_bhattacharjee@yahoo.co.in

Title: Transition

VISIT THE VIDEO EXHIBITION AT OUR VIRTUAL GALLERY LINK https://studionextkolkata.wordpress.com/t-r-a-n-s-i-t-i-o-n/

Curatorial note

We are living in an age of rapid transformation. The plurality of urban space and its fast-changing nature affect us and our surroundings, excite the imagination and challenge our creative instinct. At the end of the day what emerges from this confrontation is considerably imaginative — which comes to grips with the complex urban fusion in all its variety. Juxtaposing dualities that have emerged with modernization and post-modern spaces. The transient space between urban and nature are a symbol of the conflict in the society in an age of rapid transformation …. We are here to exchange dialogue between art and society. We are a part of the whole process of the changing scenario…

Are there any artwork guidelines? Anything that focuses on the abstract essence and joy of aesthetic expression and the exploration of creativity

5 minutes video and shares YouTube link with us along with your Bio and artist statement (word doc, 100 words), profile picture, and 4 video stills. Studio Next is an artist-run platform in Kolkata the cultural capital of India, dedicated to the creative practice and exhibition of any media and art form including digital art and hybrid art, video art, mixed realities, etc. The proposed project titled, “Transition”, would likely be a part of the international collaboration, the platform will make, in addition to an exhibition, weekly conversations and publications with artists and guests from the pavilion, throughout the period of the Exhibition, which runs till to March 1, 2022.

Artists, critics, architects, curators, researchers, and any creative practitioner, in general, are welcome to propose and collaborate with: video art digital art, texts, talks, performance video, actions, lives, image technologies, audio-visual experiences, poems, and all kinds of networks, in order to think of new ways of occupying and creatively inhabiting these digital experience.

Terms and conditions: All works in video format

The exhibition will be implemented on Studio Next’s own page on our website (https://studionextkolkata.wordpress.com/) and will go on air as part of The Biennale’s collaborative programming, with the possibility of the videos being broadcasted as a playlist on The Biennale’s TV.

By completing this application, you grant STUDIO NEXT the non-exclusive rights to its images for use as part of the exhibition, as well as the publication of your name in the list of participating artists. You authorize the download, display, and registration of your work as part of the exhibition, including images in Studio Next’s social media advertising materials and the participation of the video in other possible exhibitions linked to The International collaboration. You grant Curator and Hyperlink Digital Lab explicit rights to make minimum alteration if required for the curatorial purposes provided that its content is never used for commercial purposes.

The submitted works would finally be shortlisted by our curatorial team to be included in the Biennale Collaboration.

Rest of the selected works which are not shortlisted might be chosen for our next in-house presentation at our gallery. 

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